I really enjoyed reading this book. It has an interesting twist on familiar characters and creatures that kind of dumps dogma on its head. The summary for this book is a bit vague and could be better written. The plot of this story held my attention and curiosity throughout. As a fan of fantasy writing I recommend this book.

Very enjoyable read. The synopsis does not do the storyline justice. The origin of Vampires was great; Vampires the way they were meant to be! There was a lot of action and the fight scenes were very detailed which kept the story fast paced. The author's use of first person writing worked well and really gives you a feel for the main character. I did not see the results of the end fight coming and I am anxiously waiting to see how the story picks up in the second book. I would love to see this story done as a movie and highly recommend this book to all action and dark fantasy readers.

Great book! Fast paced with a lot of action. I love the vampires and Anthropophagi. My favorite angle was by far Azazel, gotta love his craziness. Looking forward to the second book to see how things progress.

A well thought out and obvious passionately written book. The characters are believable as well as the background of the whole book. I would recommend it.