The Father -

Creator of a single universe; permanent residence is in Heaven, but only He knows His true origins. He created Lucifer so He would no longer be alone and went on to instruct him how to construct in His universe. Eventually, He created Angles to protect Himself from Lucifer's growing frustration anger and power. He went on to banish Lucifer from His throne as He never wanted to see His companion again. 

Lucifer -

Once created, Lucifer spent centuries with the Father; learning all he could from Him in Heaven. In an attempt to impress the Father he created Earth. Even after being praised, he felt the need to create more; the prefect being  for Earth. The Father instructed him not to continue, but ignoring what he had been told, Lucifer bound the Father with his energy and forced Him to watch as he created Neanderthals. He was banished from the throne for betraying the Father.

Alone, for a long time, Lucifer's anger toward the Father grew. Within time, Angles began to show up and side with him. As many years passed, Lucifer created an army to challenge the Father. He, along with five of his strongest soldiers, reached the Father on his throne.

Lucifer and his warriors did not prevail and for their defiance, the five Angles were banished to Earth. The Father felt the only punishment fitting for Lucifer was to banish him, alone, to a distance planet. Lucifer pleaded to allow him to help the Angles, he had led astray, earn redemption in the Father's eyes. Lucifer was granted his request and was sent to his planet as well, Earth.

Vlad -

Once nothing more than a wolf, Vlad, hungry, crossed paths with Lucifer, who was walking alone through a pitch black cave. After biting into him, Vlad ingested enough of Lucifer's blood to instantly gain intelligent and a new form. With an ever growing mind, Vlad, a new being all together, devoted himself to be by Lucifer's side. Through their travels together, both learned that Vlad's changed blood could give any creature immortality, as a Vampire.  

Samael -

After witnessing a mass of Anthropophagi attacking a clan of Neanderthals, Lucifer comes to the aide of Samael, who is dying from his wounds. Knowing how his blood had changed Vlad, Lucifer does the same for Samael, saving his life. Now Samael, similar to Vlad but not the same, is his loyal disciple.

Lilith -

While running away in fear, with her clan, Lilith comes across Lucifer and Vlad who are watching them be attacked. Realizing that Lucifer is three times the size of any she has ever seen, she tries to communicate with him as ask for help. Due to Vlad's fascination with her being a female, he convinces Lucifer to help. With a growing fondness, Vlad gives Lilith a large amount of his blood; until he felt she was his equal, but after her change she desired much more than intelligence and immortality.

Drakels -

Powerful creatures, with simple minds, Lilith created them by using Vampire and Anthropophagi blood.

The Sea Creature -

In a state of weakness, the Sea Creature attacked Lucifer. Having ingested more of his blood than any other creature upon the planet, the Creature gains such knowledge that he seems to more know about his past than even Lucifer can remember. The Creature believes Lucifer is nothing more than a destructive force unleashed upon the planet and will stop at nothing to destroy him.

Death -

Death, created by the Father, is defeated by Lucifer at their first encounter. However, even after his failed attempt at fighting Lucifer, Death is rewarded by the Father and given his own domain in Heaven. He is allowed to collect the energy from the dead, upon the Earth and in Heaven, to use for his own twisted purpose.