This is my first blog and I would like to start by saying thanks to everyone that has taken time out of their busy lives to read my posts. Let’s face it, there are not enough hours in a day.

I had a debate with my wife, last night; about if, a zombie outbreak ever happened.  I feel there would be an easy solution for human survival. I feel, we would simply need to wait for their bodies to decompose. If your heart stops circulating blood, decomposition is inevitable. So, muscle and tendons would separate from the skeletal system. I assume it would happen before your skin fully decomposes. If I am correct, the image of it would be humorous. Zombies would fall to the ground and remain unable to move as a blob or bulk skin sack. If the skin decomposes first and then the muscle, only bones would remain.

I would like to know how others feel we could survive a zombie outbreak. So, if you have a moment, leave a comment and let me know.

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