Rage was building within; it grew larger and larger taking over me. The thought that I was worth nothing to the Father burned throughout me. I felt I could not hold back the rage any longer. A fire grew within; it felt as if my wings were burning and my flesh was boiling. I put my hands around my head. The burning was too much. I could not take this anger any longer.
The energy overcame my body. The frustration, pain, and anger began to release all at once from within. It was too overwhelming. I lifted my arms toward the tops of the Heavens.
I shouted, “Why Father, why? How could you grow to hate me?”
Then my body burst into flames. I could feel my wings incinerate in a flash. My skin became flames. The pain was excruciating and I dropped to the ground. I curled up into a ball.
I want to die!
“You will not kill yourself; death is not what I offered you. This suffering will be nothing compared with what I will do to you for what you have done,” the Father said.
I felt the divine energy from the Father break through my suffering. I opened my eyes and watched the flames reduce from my arms. The smell of burnt flesh and feathers hung in the air and my eyes began to water.

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